“We’ve been working with SoundArtitude for many years now and they always deliver more than expected. They have a natural gift for connecting with the visual content, possess a rare musical versatility and demonstrate excellent production values time and time again. Highly recommended!”

Will Waghorn, Creative Director, Redfern Films Ltd.

“SoundArtitude were able to quickly put together a wonderful package of music for our documentary. Our presentation of the first edit to the client went swimmingly well, with comments about the great choice of music. They composed original scores that were a perfect fit!”

George Eustice, Director of Operations, Red Stone Film and Television.

“To say that SoundArtitude are talented is an understatement. They have composed many pieces for us during the last few years and all of them have been superb. They have an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what is required. On many occasions I’ve given a brief to them without visuals (such as 30 seconds of music to accompany animals at a waterhole) and they have delivered pieces that match perfectly.”

Mike Matson, Director, Mike Matson Productions.


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